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This Month In Health
  • Immune System TLC
    While there’s no way to completely ward off every sickness, sometimes your immune system needs a little TLC to work its best. To help keep you and your family healthier this year, try these suggestions. Read >>
  • Behind Biofeedback
    Chronic, unmanaged stress can cause a host of health problems. By learning effective ways of coping with stress via biofeedback, you can lessen the effects of stress on your health. Read >>
  • Preventing Osteoporosis
    Osteoporosis is a disease that happens when the body loses too much bone mass and/or doesn’t make enough new bone mass. Don’t wait for osteoporosis and broken bones to strike you. Take these steps today to strengthen your bones for protection tomorrow. Read >>
  • Signs of Dehydration
    While thirst and a dry mouth are the normal ways your body tells you to drink more water, they aren’t always trustworthy indicators of dehydration. Because believe it or not, you can be dehydrated and not feel thirsty. Here are seven other signs you may need to drink more water. Read >>
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Immune System TLC

Help your body fight off illness with these tips.

Sometimes, you feel like you and your kids are catching every virus that goes around, and you just can’t seem to get a break. As soon as one person is well, another goes down. At times like this you may wonder why your immune system isn’t doing a better job at fighting off illness.

While there’s no way to completely ward off every sickness, sometimes your immune system needs a little TLC to work its best. To help keep you and your family healthier this year, try these suggestions.

Eat Right

Like all body systems, the immune system needs healthy foods to effectively function. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can hinder the immune response. Studies show that people who eat lots of fruits and vegetables get sick less often. For good health all around, a healthy diet is of upmost importance.

Besides the obvious fruits and vegetables, eat whole grains, protein, and healthy fats to help support the immune system.

Many people turn to herbs and supplements to make up for nutritional deficiencies or to reap their health effects. Unfortunately, there’s little scientific evidence that supplements do much to enhance the immune system. So do what’s proven and get your nutrients from food.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is a proven way to strengthen your immune system, and your body needs rest to stay strong and healthy. Without enough sleep, you begin to feel run down and illness is likely. A few hours each night isn’t enough. Adults need 7 to 9 hours, teens 9 to 10, school-aged kids 10 or more, preschoolers 11 to 12, and babies 16 to 18 hours of sleep a day.

Start Moving

Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle. It helps control weight, lowers blood pressure, keeps your heart healthy, and protects you from disease. One way physical activity helps your immune system is by improving circulation. As blood flow increases, your blood delivers oxygen, nutrients, and immune system cells to all parts of the body. Aim to get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise each week.

Stay Positive

Watch a funny movie and you’ll be doing your immune system a favor. Loneliness, depression, and a pessimistic outlook on life can bring you down and make you more susceptible to illness and infection. Take time to nurture healthy relationships, laugh, have a positive attitude, and look on the bright side of things. Be thankful for what’s good in your life to take your eyes off what’s bad or gain some perspective that the bad isn’t so bad after all.

Engage in Healthy Ways of Managing Stress

The mind and body are closely related. Chronic, unmanaged emotional or physical stress are linked to various illnesses including stomach pain, digestive issues, headaches, hives, weight gain, chest pain, sleep problem, and even heart disease. Strengthen your immune system by adopting healthy ways of coping with stress, whether that means meditation, Yoga, guided imagery, or a hot bath.

Expose Baby to Germs

Not what you’d expect to read, is it? But you can help strengthen your kids’ immune systems by letting them be exposed to a little dirt and grime when they’re young. As children are exposed to germs over time, their immune system learns how to protect the body from infection.

At a time in life when every object goes straight into their mouths, don’t obsess about germs. Instead, relax. Your baby’s immune system is strong. Instead of sterilizing every surface in your home, the dropped pacifier, or their dirty little hands, let your kids play in the dirt more often. Their immune systems will thank you.



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